Friday, August 24, 2007

Expanding my vo-ca-buw-laree

In my effort to expand my personal dictionary, I have started a semi-weak attempt to grow my limited word catalog. With the help with iGoogle, I have three new words to play with...
(1) effrontery : [i-fruhn-tuh-ree] –noun, shameless or impudent boldness; barefaced
(2) amicable : adjective, characterized by or showing goodwill; friendly; peaceable. (although after looking it up, I did indeed have this word in my vocabulary)
(3) manumit : [man-yuh-mit] –verb, to release from slavery or servitude.

Here let me take a crack at this...
One of the many amenities at work are the talks which invite authors of all types to speak about their life long work. In reality, what brings me to most of these talks are the free books which are given out. Whenever I show up to a "no book" author talk, I have a feeling of disappointment of being one of many who did not receive their gift for showing up. These moments of effrontery makes me feel ashamed, that my presence should be rewarded. But I know one day that this all will end. I will move on to another job and the company will continue to prosper. I look at this as an amicable split. The company got my months of hard work and I received compensation and literature. However, all good things must come to an end. When I am eventually manumitted from my employer, I'll look back and be happy that at least got a free biography from Floyd Landis :P

ehh not too happy with this but whatever.

PS - I never did finish my SF story but it wasn't a good story anyways.

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